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Nearly every Muslim knows Surah al-Fatiha by heart, but relatively few understand the depth of its meanings and able to articulate and explain them to others. The course offers a word-by-word explanation of the ayats to cover the linguistic meanings of the Surah when necessary tracing the word etymology to the root meanings.

The one-week course consists of four study sections and twelve lectures of the various length (6 – 12 minutes each); each of the sections concludes with a self-test quiz. To successfully complete the course, students will take a final closed-book exam.

The Course is Taught by Kareem Maliki
Using Alkhibrah Academy Online Learning Platform

This course is for you…

  • if you want to spiritually prepare for the month of Ramadan
  • if you want know the deeper meanings of the Surah al-Fatiha to make your daily prayers more meaningful
  • if you want to enter the path of seeking Knowledge
  • if you are interested in joining the Islamic online teaching institution, and would like to see how distance-learning works

The course does not follow self-paced learning methodology; the students are expected to dedicate 30 minutes daily to the studies. The compulsory quizzes have to be taken on time in order to continue the studies.

95 mins of video
2 downloadable pdf materials
5 quizzes
learning portal access


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