“Indeed, I am amazed by the one who reads Quran without knowing its meanings. How will such person taste the sweetness of the recitation?”
(Imam al-Tabari, Quranic commentator)

You still have not learnt Arabic and can’t understand Quran with clarity, but always dreamed about it?

You see many people around you who can read and understand Arabic: your friends, colleagues, relatives…

But you are still not there… You may have spent some time learning it, but the results are far from what you were expecting. You feel like you want to grow and progress, becoming a better Muslim and a more educated person; you must do something about it. But at the same, time you feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start.

Days pass. Week after week, month after month, and no changes. I know what this feels like. And I know what to do about it.

My name is Kareem Maliki, and I have learnt Arabic on my own in two years. I have been tutoring language since 2009, and since then I’ve never had a failed student.

My students are from different backgrounds, countries, of different ages, but there is something that unites them all. They found a way to learn Arabic that is enjoyable, exciting and motivating to continue. And most importantly, they are happy with the method they’ve chosen, because they see the results. And yes, many of them were in the same state you are in now.

The main reason why you get stuck in this state is not having a clear vision. Instead, you have only a set of memorized grammar rules, words, sentences. But there is a big difference between “I have memorized X grammar rules, and I have Y words in my vocabulary” and “I can read in Arabic and understand it”.

The truth is even if you memorize everything that has been said and written in Arabic, you will not master the language. Because a language is not everything that has been said in it. A language is everything that can be said in itThis is why you can be memorizing grammar and words for ten years, but a five years old Arab child will have better Arabic than you. You have been learning what has been said, but the child knows what can be said. So he becomes a native language speaker, and you continue being a foreigner.  

Of course, you can continue memorizing particular grammar rules and separate expressions, hoping that one day the quantity will somehow turn into quality. You can continue gathering study content from different sources: a bit from this book, a bit from that video… You can continue trying to put all these pieces of information together in your head. That’s what most people do, and this approach is clearly not working. It does not work because your unconscious knows that this method does not work, so it refuses to give you energy for your unproductive study. Of course, you can force yourself to sit and study, the same way you force yourself to do something you hate doing.

But very soon, your psychic energy levels will go low, and you will end up feeling lazy, procrastinating, bored and demotivated. You will stop your studies, and very soon you will forget most of what you’ve learnt. At a certain point, you may even decide that Arabic is a too difficult language for you.

So today I have remembered myself at the beginning of the learning journey, and I asked myself: what would help me the most at that time? And suddenly I realized what I needed most back then…

A study program that makes me think in Arabic, not just learn new words and grammar rules. A curriculum that explains all the concepts step-by-step, from the simplest to the more advanced ones. An approach that allows me to apply what I learnt and begin appreciating Arabic and Quran right at the beginning of my studies. And whenever I have a question, I should be able to get quick and clear answers, so I could continue learning with confidence, without doubts or uncertainty. And at the same time, I want to enjoy the process of learning, not being overwhelmed by the workload or stressed from constantly trying to catch up. Back then, I needed a method that makes the studies not about boring memorizations but motivates me to move further into the depths of the Arabic language and the Book of Allah. After realizing what I needed most in the past, I have prepared this course and made it available for everyone to join.


You can be a very gifted person and study hard every day, but if you take an unproductive approach to learning, you will be just wasting your time and energy. It is like driving with a wrong map: you will consume all your petrol and won’t get any closer to your destination. This course is not just a map; it is a GPS-navigator. There are many courses and programs that teach vocabulary and grammar rules, but this ones takes you there using the easiest and safest way, saving you time and energy. There are four things that make this approach so unique and effective.

When you learn
Arabic terminology

the course shows the Arab reasoning behind it, so that you can establish native Arabic mental structures

When you learn

the course shows the Arab way of thinking, what you can call “the worldview of the Arabic language”

When you learn
new grammar rules

the course shows how to apply it to understand Quran and reflect upon its meanings

When you learn
new words

the course shows how different words usage highlights the eloquence and linguistic depth of Quran


We all know how much Arabic language materials there are on the Internet. But if you want to feel engaged and motivated to study while being at the comfort of your home, our weekly live sessions achieve precisely that:

  • watch every concept demonstrated, broken down and explained
  • get all your questions answered instantly
  • study in a group to get motivated, enjoy and have fun


Attending classes by itself is not enough. Live sessions explain new topics, but you also need to revise, apply and keep practising what you have learnt previously.

Besides joining the online classroom, you will be revising and practicing Arabic using our 24/7 available learning portal:

  • access all your study materials organized according to the lessons and subjects
  • watch the class recordings if you missed the live session
  • print handouts materials to review the lessons offline
  • take quizzes to revise what you’ve learnt and make sure you understood everything correctly
  • open the portal on your desktop computer or use a mobile app to connect (iPhone and Android phones supported)

Few Words About Myself

My name is Kareem Maliki (born-name Vladimir Filyakov), and I teach Arabic at Alkhibrah Academy. I was born in Russia in a Christian family, embraced Islam in 2006 and has been studying Islamic Studies and Arabic since 2007. I have learnt Arabic on my own in 2 years. In 2009, I moved to South Africa to study Arabic and Quranic Sciences through Arabic literature.

I have been tutoring Arabic and Russian languages privately since 2009. I have also been lecturing Humanities and Islamic Studies for 10 years at Dallas College .

Study Program

The problem with many language courses is that you either feel no progress after studying for many months or you feel overwhelmed with the amount of information right from the beginning. Either way, it takes you nowhere and eventually makes you abandon your studies.

In this program I have set your learning trajectory to simplify your studies, at the same time making them productive and results-driven. Every learning module will gradually grow your Arabic level, one step at a time. Each week we focus on one concept, со you will understand it clearly, without any doubts or confusion.

The course consists of 7 modules that you will complete in 3 years. Each time you complete a module, you will notice a significant improvement in your understanding of Arabic. When reading Quran, you will be appreciating the depth of the Divine Book and the vastness of its language. The feeling of joy and happiness at that moment will motivate you to study further.

3 years program
7 study modules
45-60 mins live class duration
100+ students enrolled

2 years program
7 study Modules
77 weeks of live classes
60 mins live class duration
23 students enrolled from 6 different countries
3 Study Groups

Course pre-requirements:

  • Ability to read Arabic letters in their joint and separated forms (with vowels-harakat)
  • Desire to learn Arabic to understand Quran and other Islamic classical sources
  • Commitment to study

Frequently Asked Questions

If something is unclear during the live class, you can ask during the class, and get your question answered immediately. If something became unclear during your revision, you can clarify it by asking a question at the Students Q&A Forum at the Alkhibrah learning portal.

No, all you need is an internet browser (such as Chrome, Safari, Mozilla or Opera) and access to the internet.

Yes, absolutely. The course does not require any advanced level of digital proficiency. If you know how to open a website, you are ready to join.

Most of our students are also busy with their families and careers, yet they manage to continue their studies. If you want to learn Arabic, all you need to do is to delegate an hour weekly for a live class, and revise and practice what you’ve learnt wherever you have an opportunity.

Our commitments will only grow until this life ends, so the best time to start is right now, not “one day” or “in the future”.

Yes, you can put your studies on hold anytime. If you want to pause your studies for a few weeks, you can always catch up by watching class recordings and taking self-tests quizzes. If you need to pause your studies for several months or even a year, you can resume the course progress together with a new group of students. 

No, some of our students study using only their smartphones and it does not affect their learning progress.

We understand that sometimes unforeseen circumstances can jeopardize your plans. You can watch all the class recordings at the Alkhibrah Academy learning portal, so you can continue moving towards your study goal.

This course focuses on delivering a specific and clearly defined goal: the ability to read and understand Quran, as well as classical Islamic literature (such as Hadith, Sirah, Islamic Law and Spirituality). To achieve this goal it uses an appropriate strategy that includes ways of presenting the material, particular vocabulary selection, and case studies that are based on Quran and Sunnah.

Each study goal has its best approach. This approach suits best for those who want to understand and appreciate Quran. If you’re going to learn Arabic for conversations or career growth, it is better to search for the appropriate methods that will make your studies productive and successful.

You don’t need this equipment. You can type your questions and send them to the live chat.

If you know Arabic alphabet, it means you are ready to take the course!

What Our Students Say


Learning Arabic at Alkhibrah Academy, it was very fun. Mr. Kareem Maliki makes it easy to understand with his Thinking Arabic method. This method leads us to learn Arabic with the patterns of Arab native people. And also friends in this online class come from different countries and age levels, so it makes it even more attractive.

Jibril Hassan, SOUTH AFRICA

As-salamu aleikum wa rahmatullahi. I’m grateful for being a student at Al-khibrah. I find the approach different and very well structured especially when one is academically inclined. It builds up from grammatical concepts which makes the foundation solid. May Allah bless our Ustadh, Sidi Karrim and give success to our academy, Amin

Indah Tutut, INDONESIA

My experience during learning Arabic with Ustadz Kareem is all exciting, He explains things clearly and slowly, and for us non Arabic native speakers that becomes easier understand. He explains things step by step with very simple explanations! I’ve learned Arabic before, and this lesson with Ustadz Kareem is the best and easiest way to understand by me!

Arabic becomes easier in his hands, insha Allah…

Gunarti Hartono, INDONESIA

Al khibrah academy really helped me understand Arabic.

Maliki teacher in explaining very coherent and clear.

Even though I’m not very advanced yet I’m very passionate about learning

Syilda Ismail, MALAYSIA

There are so many language Arabic online programs out there. I am very glad I got this one. It is very organized and effective if you follow the interactive web studies.

If you are looking to supplement your Al Quran reading, this helps. Ustaz Kareem Maliki’s teachings are easy to understand, taking day-to-day sample.

Aisha Shaikh, QATAR

I have a passion for Arabic Calligraphy and i’ve been trying to learn Arabic for quite some time now. In my busy schedule I would attend classes almost 3 days a week which left me with no time to revise and practice it. when I came across AL khibrah Academy I wanted to give it a try but I wasn’t sure if it will work, but to my surprise week after week I kept learning and revising by listening to the topics on the go. I can really see the results now. I’m so glad that I joined AlKhibrah Academy.

Sabina Bulku, ITALY

If you want to learn Arabic, Alkhibrah Academy is the best way that I suggest you. You’ll find that you are not alone in learning one of the best and richest language in the world. You’ll find everything easy and a teacher will controll every step you take to learn. I had one of the best experience learning from Alkhibrah Academy and everything is organized in the best way. The road to learn is long but the teacher is who makes this road easy to you.

Sumaya Mohamed, SWITZERLAND

I‘ve studied at Alkhibrah Academy for about 3 months by now. Intended to turn my marginal knowledge of the Arabic language into a deeper understanding. I found it being taught very elaborately and professionally. It is being explained thoroughly, step by step and patiently, mostly relating to the Holy Quran. Alkhibra is most recommendable in order to achieve a deeper understanding of the Holy Book and the subtleties of the Arabic language.

Nasierah Johaadien, SOUTH AFRICA

Wa alaikum Salam wa ragmatullahi wabarakatu Mualim. My experience with alkhibrah .First I thank Allah for giving me the opportunity to study Arabic with a great teacher who explains and gives examples of quran.the explanations are very good especially all the Arabic terms that we constantly use so we dnt forget as we go along.the experience has been great so far and cnt wait for the new lesson after Ramadan. Allah reward the Mualim immensely for his effort and time ameen

Imran Ebrahim, SOUTH AFRICA

I have had an interest in the Arabic language for some years now. For me, a big obstacle was that I always had to learn Arabic through the medium of the English language which limited the scope and possibilities of learning Arabic within this English language framework. This was no different when I majored in Arabic at a distance-learning university. At Al-Khibrah academy, the course ‘Thinking in Arabic’ has removed these impediments and unlocked a new door to learning Arabic

Farouk Bassa, SOUTH AFRICA

I have made numerous attempts in the past to learn Arabic. Never made it past the initial stages due to various reasons, slow progress, high demands on memorization… Karim’s Thinking in Arabic course combines a traditional classical approach to learning the language whilst taking due considerations to English speaking learners. Karim’s approach forces the student to grapple with and appreciate the uniqueness of the Arabic grammatical structures and word forms. From the beginning the beauty and deep levels of meanings inherent in the grammar and syntax of Arabic is exposed.

Fahiema Ryklief, SOUTH AFRICA

When you think you too old to be able to grasp a concept, and that still in a foreign language… Let me tell you… One truly is never too old to learn Allahu Akbar..

Shukran to Sheigh Maliki, the online participants /students and the course layout, i have found it such an inspiring and uplifting course to partake in. With being such a busy mommy, being able to go online during my free or available time has truly been a blessing. Shukran AlKhibrah academy for a beautiful experience i will forever treasure…

Fatima Phillips, SOUTH AFRICA

Ustadh Malik is very knowledgeable in both the Arabic Language as well as in the Quran Kareem. At all times during his interaction with his students, Ustadh Malik displays professionalism, respect and a marked sense of being easily approachable. In the last 14 weeks, I have indeed learnt so much more than what I anticipated. Lessons are well prepared and flowingly presented. While the content of each class is very detailed, it is easy to follow and to understand. What I enjoyed most about our lessons were the explanations, the examples taken from Quran on the topic being discussed, the live interactions and more importantly, the quizzes after each class. I look forward to class every week and especially doing the quiz.

Rafiek Buffkins, SOUTH AFRICA

Al-Khibrah Academy synthesizes two vital aspects very well; simplification and patience. Lessons aren’t rushed or overwhelming; this allows students to build upon previous principles and solidify their knowledge before progressing. Interaction is constant, mistakes are rectified, and questions are encouraged. Students are excited to attend and anticipate the next lesson. Al-Khibrah Academy’s teacher, Kareem al-Maliki, refines lessons based on his interaction with the students – tailor-making content which facilitates uptake of the content. If further clarification is needed, he adjusts accordingly. I would encourage any beginner or intermediate student of Arabic to attend the course as there are gems, not only within the language course, but in the presentation and content as well.

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