You recite it in Salah every day.
It has answers to all your questions

Surah al-Fatiha contains in itself all the answers you are looking for, as it implicitly carries the meanings of the whole Quran. And Quran openly invites each and everyone to reflect upon these meanings. While the ayats we recite may be the same, they always talk to us differently. It comforts you when you feel weak and broken. It assures you when you feel lost and confused. It touches your heart with gratitude when you are successful.

But for this, we must go beyond melody and pronunciation and make an effort to grasp the implied meanings. The precondition for purification is pure water. The precondition for illumination is seeking knowledge and applying it sincerely.

Course Details

You will learn the linguistic meanings of each word of the Surah, in some cases being able to trace the etymology to the original root meanings.

You will watch twelve pre-recorded lectures of the various length (6 – 12 minutes each), each time focusing on a particular aspect of the Surah.

After each of the section, you will take a self-test quiz and a final test at the end. You will complete the course by solidifying your knowledge and being confident you have understood everything correctly.

95 mins of video
5 quizzes
2 downloadable pdf materials
~100 students registered
24/7 access to the learning portal


How do you study online with Alkhibrah Academy

Course Instructor

The course is taught by Kareem Maliki, Humanities and Islamic studies lecturer in Cape Town (South Africa).

Kareem Maliki began researching and giving offline classes of Tafsir Surah al-Fatiha more than 10 years ago. This online short course presents a summary of this teaching in a clear and understandable manner, that is accessible to everyone

Students Reviews

“Excellent lecture on the first/second verse of Surah Fatiha… Learned a lot in a short span of time” (Mohammed, Canada)

“When I’m on the bus, I take your online lessons through Alkhibrah and found your approach extremely insightful. I finished the course, it was a profound and enjoyable online learning experience.” (Mishka, South Africa)

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